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Preventing Repossession

If your home is at risk of being repossessed, there are options that you can try to prevent this from happening. This section looks at how you might be able to prevent court action, depending on your situation. You may be able to negotiate a repayment arrangement with your lender, or apply for a court order to stop or delay the repossession if proceedings started before September 2010. This option would require a solicitor.

Preventing court action

If you can't pay your mortgage or any other loan secured on your home, your lender can take legal action to get back the money you owe. You may be able to stop the repossession before your lender takes you to court. Preventing repossession - get more details

Repayment arrangements

If you have fallen into arrears with your mortgage or loan payments, you may be able to make an arrangement with your lender to repay your arrears in instalments over a period of time. Get advice on rearranging your repayments


The Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010 came into force 30 September 2010, causing major changes to mortgage repossession law. Get advice on the law and how it might affect you.