The Scottish Legal Aid Board in association with Shelter Scotland presents Advice for homeowners and advisers to prevent repossessions in Scotland

Advice for advisers

This section provides support to advisers dealing with repossessions in Scotland under The Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010. The Act came into force on the 30th September 2010, bringing in major changes to the law on mortgage repossessions. On these pages you can get advice on changes in the law and how it might affect you. View advice for Advisers

Advice for homeowners

This section helps you as a homeowner to identify the appropriate course of action to be taken at any stage of a possible repossession: from first arrears to court action and resolution of the problem. To read more about the options available to you please View the advice for Homeowners

Advisers Content

Download the Advisers Guide

The advisers guide provides information for Lay Representatives to The Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010 will come into force on 30th September 2010. Download the Advisers Guide

Seminar Presentations

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The presentations and videos for the seminars are now available for download. View the seminar presentations

Further Resources

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This page signposts you to information providers and further support regarding the The Home Owner and Debtor Protection (Scotland) Act 2010.Read more

Homeowners Content

Mortgage arrears

If you fall behind with your mortgage payments you could risk losing your home. This section has advice on what you can do if you are having problems paying your mortgage.

Many home owners have problems paying their mortgage. If you are having financial problems, you need to act quickly, even if the problems are only temporary. If you don't, you could risk losing your home.

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